tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Close encounters of a Rilleman kind!

It's weird but all it took to lift my spirits was a surprise visit in the store from one of my "special favourites" among the customers... I'd like to say "You know who You are", but I seriously doubt that. Anyways.. as a token of gratitude I wrote a friendly little poem, titled "Eyeful of woman"...

The second she walked into the store, I got hooked and wanted more!

My racing hearth just sings - her moves like those of jello on springs.

A womanly piece of ass, the most physical form of mass.

I try hard to unwind, but I'm stuck with behind on my mind!

Red lips, high heels and short skirt, more rigged for fast assault than soft flirt.

Be it rought or be it tender, Lady, I yield and I surrender!

Witty banter, lingering glance, a skilled enchanter pulling me into trance.

Conquered but not one to play nice, as she turn to leave I slap her on the ass with my eyes!

(Thank YOU. And come again! ;-)

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